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    Find relevant answers to most of your queries regarding Spice Smart Phones here

    • How do I choose a phone?
      • You can choose the perfect phone that suits you and your budget at http://www.spicesmartphones.com/product .There are various filters like Price, Screen size, Android version etc. Choose the phone you like and buy it online. You can also buy Spice phones at our Hotspot Stores across India

    • Should I buy a feature phone or a smartphone?
      • We have a wide variety of Smartphones and Feature phones you can choose from. You can choose a smartphone if you wish to multitask, use the latest applications, faster internet browsing, watch movies/videos and are willing to spend more than Rs 2000 (For Spice Smartphones starting range is from Rs. 2699/- online). You can go for a Feature phone if you are on a smaller budget (for Spice starting range is from Rs 899)

    • What features should I focus on?
      • If you are someone who multitasks and is often on call, browses internet etc. then look for a Good battery support. Depending on the usage, a good battery should give you a talk time of around 5-7hrs.

        If you are keen to watch videos or movies on your phone check the Screen size, screen resolution. You can go for a screen size > 10.16cm (4/4.5/5") with good battery life. If you are going to use it for other purposes even 3.5" screen will work great.

        For great functional benefits from your smartphone, work on the apps with latest Android version on the phone. You can go for the Android 4.4 version or higher. Earlier Android versions like Jellybean also function great as well.

        If you want to nurture the brilliant photographer in you, check the Camera in the phone. The Megapixel in a camera determines the picture quality it clicks. Spice provides phones with cameras from 1.3 MP onwards

    • How Do I buy Spice Phones online?
      • You can buy Spice phones through our official website http://www.spicesmartphones.com/ or on http://www.spicehotspot.co.in or any other leading e-commerce sites

    • What is Android?
      • Android is the name of a mobile operating system. Android comes in many different versions, from 1.6 (Donut) to 2.3 (Gingerbread). Each version, although similar in many ways, provides differing levels of features.

    • What is Android one?
      • Android One is a Google programme where it is partnering with phone companies to create "high-quality" but low-cost Android smartphone. Spice's Dream UNO 498 and 498H are 2 Android One phones which are high-tech at an affordable price

    • Which version of Android should I choose?
      • Depending on which applications or updates you wish to have in your phone you can choose the suitable Android version. Spice smartphones have Android versions ranging from Jellybean to Lollipop to suit each customer's requirement. Check if your phone is compatible before upgrading it

    • How do I get started with Android?
      • Before you can use your new phone you’ll need to enter a few details and choose some settings. You’ll be asked to choose your language and select a few settings. If you get confused just select the default settings

    • Should I have a Google account to use Android?
      • You can use the phone without providing account details but you’ll miss out on the Android experience. It is recommended that you enter the google account details. If do not have it, you’ll have to set one up. You can do this either on your PC by going to accounts.google.com or just follow the instructions on your phone.

    • How do I navigate Android controls?
      • The backwards-pointing arrow at the bottom-left of the screen will take you back to the previous page or menu, the house icon in the center at the bottom will take you to your home page, and the icon that looks like two sheets of paper at the bottom-right shows, and allows you to switch to or close, recently used apps.

    • How do I use google search?
      • Touch the Google app (but not the microphone) near the top of your home page, type your search text and then tap the magnifying glass icon on the keyboard (or a suggested search term) to carry out the search.

    • How do I use Google Playstore?
      • In the Play Store app, select the ‘Apps’ tab at the top. A few popular apps will be suggested but, in all probability, you’ll be looking for something in particular. So touch the magnifying glass icon at the top and then search

    • How do I make a call?
      • To make a phone call, tap the telephone handset icon that will be visible near the bottom left of your home screen. If you want to call someone in your address book, touch ‘All contacts’, scroll down to find the person you want to talk to and select that name

    • How do I send a text message?
      • To send a text message, touch the Messaging icon which is the square green smiley face at the bottom of your home page. Initially no conversations will be display so tap the icon at the bottom left that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign. A blank message and a QWERTY keyboard will appear – rotate the screen through ninety degrees if you want a larger keyboard. Initially the cursor will be in the ‘To’ area so start typing a name and all the contacts in your address book that start what you’ve typed so far will be shown. Make your choice by touching the appropriate contact. Add other contacts in just the same way if you want. Now type your message, tapping on ‘Send’ when you’re done.

    • How do I download/transfer apps to SD card
      • To transfer apps to your SD card go to Settings-> Manage Applications/Application Manager. Tap on the desired app and click on the "Move to SD card" option. You can download several apps like Link2SD from Google Playstore that can help you move apps to SD card hassle-free

    • How do I set a lock on my phone?
      • In the Settings app, scroll down to the Personal section, select ‘Security’, then ‘Screen lock’ and finally ‘PIN’. Now enter your chosen PIN, which must be at least four digits long, confirming it when requested. In future, whenever the screen locks and you press the power button, you’ll see a keypad instead of the padlock icon. To unlock your phone, enter your PIN and touch Enter at the bottom-right of the keypad. If you prefer, you can alternatively set a pattern code, or use an alpha-numeric password.

    • How do I "unlock" my smartphone lock?
      • To unlock your phone, enter your PIN/ pattern code or the alpha-numeric password you set when you altered the security measures

    • How do I import contacts to my new Android phone from my old Android phone?
      • "If your old phone was non- android: Your old phone may have a way of synching or uploading its stored contacts to a PC. Generally they’ll appear on your PC as either a (.csv) file or as a (.vcf) file. If your contacts are stored on your PC as lots of .vcf files, one per contact, you first need to combine them into a single file. To do this, start the command line interpreter (Cmd in the Start Menu’s Search box), and go to the folder in which your .cvf files are stored by typing, for example, ‘cd \phone\contacts’. Type ‘copy /b *.vcf merged.vcf’ to create a single file containing all your contacts. Now, log into google.com/contacts, select import contacts and provide the name of your .csv or merged .vcf file. Next time your phone synchronizes, those contacts will automatically become available on your phone. If your old phone was an Android phone you can make your phone synchronize immediately in the Settings app under ‘Accounts’, ‘Google’"

    • How do I cut, copy, paste data?
      • To make a selection, touch the text for a second and a word will be highlighted in blue. To change the selection, drag the blue pointers at the start and end to highlight more or less text. Whenever text is selected on screen, the copy icon (two pieces of paper) will appear – tap it to copy the selection text to the clipboard. When you select text, in addition to copying you can cut the selected text using the cut icon (a piece of paper and scissors) or replace it with the text in the clipboard using the paste icon (a clipboard). In addition, if you only touch the text briefly the cursor will appear at that point (and you can move it using the blue pointer), allowing you to insert text from the keyboard, or the clipboard, or delete text.

    • Can I transfer any picture or document from any Spice phone via Bluetooth?
      • Yes you can. Just turn the Bluetooth on, go to the picture or document you need to transfer and go the share option. In the share option select the Bluetooth. Scan the nearby devices and send the picture/document

    • I cannot see the week numbers in my calendar
      • If you have changed the calendar settings so that the week starts on a day other than Monday, the week numbers are not shown.

    • How can I do call recording during a conversation?
      • You can long-press the side volume key towards "down". If the side key is not available then long press the lower part of the central navigation key. [Please note: Spice can change the shortcut key to record the call conversation without prior notice to the customer, so please check the manual for the same]

    • How can I use the speed-dial feature?
      • Speed dial is a convenient way of using your most frequently used numbers with just a long press of a single number on the keypad. As the speed dial number, you can assign up to 8 speed dial numbers to number keys 2 - 9. For using the feature please refer to user manual however path in most of the Spice Handsets is as follows: Menu > Settings > Phone Setup > Speed Dial

    • From where can I download applications or games?
      • You can download application/games from the Google playstore. There are several free and paid apps you can enjoy. [Please check the compatibility of the app with the Android version you are currently running]

    • How do I send an Email?
      • If you use your Google Gmail email account then you can use either; if you use a different service provider you must use Email. Because it’s more universal, we’ll use Email. In particular, we’ll see how to use it to send the photo you’ve just taken. The first time you use the Email app you’ll have to go through the account setup process which involves providing your email address and password plus selecting how frequently you want your phone to check for emails and various other preferences. `

    • How do I make a Video-call/ Google Hangout?
      • You can make a free video call, to up to ten people but all of the participants must have a Google+ account. When you use Hangouts for the first time you’ll be asked various questions but, after this, you’ll be presented with a page that says ‘Send a message or start a video call’. Click on the ‘New Hangout’ page where you should type the name, email address or phone number of the person you want to contact. So long as the person is recognized you can then start your video call by touching the video camera icon at the top right. Initially you’ll see your own picture, captured on your phone’s front facing camera but once you’re connected, you’ll see a full screen image off whoever’s talking, with your own outgoing video, plus that of any others in the Hangout, as thumbnails at the bottom.

    • How do I navigate with Google Maps?
      • Google Maps provides navigation facilities comparable to those provided by dedicated in-car sat nav units or paid-for apps. When you start Google Maps, so long as GPS is turned on (if it isn’t turn it on as we saw earlier), it’ll show your current position on a map. To find your way somewhere, touch the icon at the top that looks like a letter Y with an arrow. On the next page choose your form of transport and then tap on ‘Choose destination’. Enter your destination as a postcode or address and you’ll be taken to a page showing a recommended route in blue and possibly several alternatives in grey. If you want to use one of the alternatives, touch on it to turn it blue and, when you’re happy with the route, click on ‘Start’ at the bottom right. Now simply follow the verbal instructions to your destination.

    • How to use Google Now?
      • Near the top of your home page you’ll see the Google app which we’ll use, later, to search the Web and your phone. It’s also the gateway to Google Now. Touch anywhere in the Google app except the microphone icon to the right. The first time you do this, it’ll prompt you to setup Google Now and, to start, just accept the defaults. Google Now provides lots of up to date information, much of it relevant to your locality, and you’ll no doubt add to what’s displayed as you go on. Initially, for example, touching the Google app might show you the local weather as well as providing a search box. Scroll down to see additional content and try touching ‘More’. Tapping the wizard’s wand icon at the bottom offers you yet further options.

    • I cannot see photos clearly
      • Ensure that the camera lens is clean and that there are no scratches on it.

        Check if the camera focus is correct. In this case, the camera has set the focus onto the background, not on the subject being photographed. After all, the camera can't be 100% sure what you're trying to take a picture of. In hindsight, a tap on the subject would have helped.

        You have moved while clicking the photo. This is what happens when your camera moves while taking the image. Low-light photos are most vulnerable to blur

        If you have an object in your frame that's moving, it could come out as a blob of blur. This is more likely to happen in low-light scenarios

    • I want to change to video mode or photo mode
      • For Feature phones: In standby mode, select Menu > Multimedia > Video recorder to launch the video recorder and shoot your videos. For smartphones: Select the video option on the screen directly

    • I want to see the pictures I clicked in the phone
      • By default the pictures get stored in the Phone Memory in the folder named "Photos". However this default storage can be changed to storage in any new folder which can be created in the internal memory of the phone or an external memory card.

    • Can I set one of my camera pictures as my display background picture?
      • Yes. In order to set a camera clicked picture as a wallpaper, please follow the following steps: In the idle mode Press Menu-"Settings-"Phone Setup-"Display Characteristics-"Wallpaper-"User Define-"Select Storage (Phone/Card)-"Select the location of storage-"Select the File to be used-"OK-"OK to set as wallpaper

    • Can I change the camera picture (resolution) size in my phone?
      • Yes you can. Please follow the following process: Turn on the Camera by pressing the Camera Key. Press Option->Image Settings->Press OK-Image Size->Change the image size->Select the Image->Press OK. The image size is set. [Please note: For changing the resolution, we recommend to refer the User manual]

    • Can I capture a photo from a playing video?
      • You can capture a screenshot of a video by holding the power and volume button at the same time

    • How do I record a video?
      • For Feature phones: In standby mode, select Menu > Multimedia > Video recorder to launch the video recorder and shoot your videos. For smartphones: Select the video option on the screen directly

    • Where are the videos stored in my Spice phone?
      • By default the videos get stored in the Phone Memory in the folder named "Videos". However this default storage can be changed to storage in any new folder which can be created in the internal memory of the phone or an external memory card.

    • I cannot access internet
      • Check if the data pack is activated; check if the roaming option is active. Call your service provider to know if the network settings are correct. Try restarting your phone

    • I cannot access WAP/GPRS in Spice Handsets
      • Check the settings in the Handset. Most of the Spice Handsets' follow the given process: - Services-> WAP-> Settings-> Edit profile (Select the respective Operator profile from the given list) then click on Activate. Now restart the phone. [Please note: Make sure you activate GPRS services from your Service provider (Airtel. Vodafone, Idea etc.) end]

    • How do I transfer data/files using Bluetooth?
      • Click on the on/off Bluetooth function. When the Bluetooth is "On" search the desired device by scanning. Go to the document/file you want to transfer and select share via Bluetooth

    • Why can't I find my friend's device?
      • Check that the distance between the two devices are not over 10 meters (32 feet) and that there are no walls or other obstructions between the devices.

    • Why can't I end a Bluetooth connection?
      • If another device is connected to your device, you can either end the connection using the other device or by deactivating Bluetooth connectivity. Press and select Bluetooth >Power > Off.